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Daylight Saving Time also known as summer time is a practice followed by several countries during the summer season to take advantage of longer duration of sunlight. During the Daylight Saving Time period, the clock is advanced by 1 hour, thus making the sun appear to rise 1 hour later and set 1 hour later in the evening.

There is no hard and fast rule for any country to decide when the Time Change Event would follow. Usually the United States, Canada and some other European Nations follow a specific schedule to follow DST with USA, Canada starting DST in the second Sunday of March and ending DST in the first Sunday of November and Europe starting DST in the last Sunday of March and ending DST in the last Sunday of October.

To Calculate Time Change Event Information ( such as DST Start Date, DST End Date ), select a city from the drop-down menu of World City List, then select a year and click on DST Info button.

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